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Our Story

Sprouting from a lifelong desire to share my love of candles with others, Twist Candle Co. was born. What started as a hobby in my kitchen, quickly ignited the desire to create a high quality artisan candle, with a "twist" of sublime fragrance oil.


Given the chance, I'll wax poetic extolling the virtues of a fragrant, flickering flame — the warm glow that always seems to make life a little brighter. And that's my mission — to share with you the simple joys and happiness that candles have given me on life's journey.


From our "Bourbon Milk Punch" with the spirited scent of New Orleans, to our "Downbeach Blend" evoking childhood memories of the aromatic, salty surf, we've got something for everyone. And as I travel the world, rest assured I'll be sniffing out new possibilities as we continue to raise the bar delivering the most exciting line of artisan candles available.


Light one up, and you'll be sure to lighten up!


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